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No. Description Suggested by + date Responsible + date Comment Done? + date
1. When acceptable, invite all wiki volunteers to the wiki. link ErnieParke ? not done
2. Create a page discussing how this wiki is organized. ErnieParke Everyone not done
3. Discuss organization and possible problems that might be faced.

Improve the main page (eg with links) so non-wikians can understand stuff like "namespaces" etc.

ErnieParke Everyone Mostly done
4. Provide Information and Tools for Translating the Wiki-Skin

Idea: Can't we upload the Skin of all international Scratch Wikis here and tell the user how to switch: Just to see what "a Skin" is, or perhaps he prefers an other working-language than English

mtwoll ?
5. Install the ScratchSig extension jvvg jvvg not done
6. Replace {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} with {{PAGESINNAMESPACE:index}} mtwoll 7.8.15 ? not done
7. Community Portal must be archived + used + internationalized Mtwoll (talk) not done
8. Install the Cite extension.

All pages that use references are currently partially broken because the extension is not installed.

Kenny2scratch ? not done
9. Prepare real Turkish Scratch Wiki,make Turkish Scratch Wiki to Real Scratch Wiki and move to domain or anything else.(Special,, or

Ahmetlii Last Edit:1.4.19 All Turkish Scratch Wiki editors(maybe administrators) Planned finish date:30 August 2019 (if we was late,planned last finish date:29 October 2019) Frozen for now. not done