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变数 () 改变 ()
變數 [  v] 改變 (1)
类别 变量类积木
形狀 条形积木

The Change () by () 积木 is a 变量类积木 and a 条形积木. The block will change the specified 变量 by a given amount. If the variable is a 字串 and not a number, it is set to the quantity the variable was to be changed by (转换 the string to 0).

Prior to Scratch 1.3, this block did not have a drop-down input listing the variables and instead there was an instance of it for each variable.

Change () by () (1.0).png


Some common uses for the Change () by () block:

  • Changing the speed of an object
變數 [speed v] 設為 (2)
x 設為 (-240)
  x 改變 (speed)
  變數 [speed v] 改變 (1)
  說出 [Whee!!!]
  • Changing a level number
如果 <碰到 [goal v] ?> 那麼 
  變數 [level v] 改變 (1)
  • Changing the score in a game
如果 <碰到 [laser v] ?> 那麼 
  變數 [score v] 改變 (-5)


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block can be replaced by the following script:

變數 [variable v] 設為 ((variable) + (amount))

The blank space at the far right contains the number that will change the value —a positive number to increase and a negative number to decrease the variable.


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