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清单第 () 项项目 ()
清單第 (1 v) 項項目\( [list v] \) :: list)
类别 清单类积木
形狀 椭圆形积木
加入於 1.3

The Item () of () 积木 is a 清单类积木 and a 椭圆形积木. The block reports the value of the specified entry in a specified 清单.


When a certain 项目 in a list must be recalled, this block can be used.

Some common uses for the Item () of () block:

  • Reporting an object
詢問 [Which item would you like on our menu today?] 並等待
變數 [cost v] 改變 (清單第 (詢問的答案) 項項目\( [food costs v] \) :: list)
說出 (字串組合 (字串組合 [We'll be making your ] 和 (清單第 (詢問的答案) 項項目\( [food names v] \) :: list)) 和 [ in a minute.])
  • Recalling part of a record
詢問 [What highscore would you like to know?] 並等待
說出 (字串組合 (字串組合 (字串組合 [Highscore ] 和 (詢問的答案)) 和 [ is: ]) 和 (清單第 (詢問的答案) 項項目\( [highscores v] \) :: list))
  • Comparing different items
如果 <(清單第 (1 v) 項項目\( [collection v] \) :: list) = (清單第 (1 v) 項項目\( [pack v] \) :: list)> 那麼 
  說出 [I already have this item in my pack.] (3) 秒


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

The text options of this block can be worked around by dropping Reporter blocks into the dropdown-value menu.


(清單第 (random v) 項項目\( [list v] \) :: list)

chooses a random item in the list. Thus, it can be replicated with the following code:

(清單第 (隨機取數 (1) 到 (清單 [list v] 的項目數 :: list)) 項項目\( [list v] \) :: list)

This also gives the ability to use lists as a workaround for the 随机取数 () 到 () block.


"Last" gives the last item of the selected list.

(清單第 (last v) 項項目\( [list v] \) :: list)

Its replica is:

(清單第 (清單 [list v] 的項目數 :: list) 項項目\( [list v] \) :: list) // only if length of list > 0


— the version for 字串s

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