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() 或 ()
類別 運算類積木
形狀 菱形積木

The () or () 積木 is an 運算類積木 and a 菱形積木. The block joins two boolean blocks so any one of them can be true to return true — if at least one of them is true, the block returns true; if neither of them are true, it returns false.

This block can be stacked inside itself — this can be used to fit more booleans inside.


This script asks the user what their favorite color, and will give one response if it is "blue" or "red", and another response if it is anything else.

當 @greenflag 被點擊
詢問 [What is your favorite color?] 並等待
如果 <<(詢問的答案) = [blue]> 或 <(詢問的答案) = [red]>> 那麼 
  說出 [I also like that color!]
  說出 [That's a nice color!]


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This block can be replicated with the following code:

<<<<condition1> 不成立> 且 <<condition2> 不成立>> 不成立>

This stack also works (with the 變量 T/F being the result):

變數 [T/F v] 設為 [false]
如果 <condition1> 那麼 
  變數 [T/F v] 設為 [true]
如果 <condition2> 那麼 
  變數 [T/F v] 設為 [true]