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Abbreviations in Scratch

Some Scratchers use abbreviations for their projects instead instead of typing the whole phrase.

What is an Abbreviation?

An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase.

List of Abbreviations

Below is a list of some common abbreviations used on the Scratch Website.


MAP stands for Multiple Animator Project. They are collaborative projects by many Scratchers that each contribute a brief animation to the project.


CC stands for Coloring Contest. It is when the creator of the CC makes a line-art and the users who remix the project, color the line-art in.


WIP stands for Work in Progress, also known as a draft. It is used when a Scratcher creates a project and shares it without it being completely done.


AMV stands for Animated Music Video. It is when a user creates a animation to go with a song.


ST stands for Scratch Team.


FPC stands for Front Page Curator.


SDS stands for Scratch Design Studio.


F4F stands for Follow for Follow. It is when a Scratcher wants to follow someone, but the Scratcher they follow has to follow them back.


IRL stands for in real life. As in, not on the internet or Scratch.


VAR stands for Voice Acting Request.


AT stands for Art Trade. You can trade art with another Scratcher if the person agrees!


OC stands for Original Character, it's basically your profile picture that was designed by/for you.


VAO stands for Voice Acting Order. You could order something from a shop on the Discussion Forums and ask for a VAO.


PMV stands for Picture Music video. It is a type of Multiple Animator Project.

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