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This eng is about the account settings on Scratch. For the account settings on the Wiki, see Special:Preferences.
The main account settings page.

The Account Settings section is an area on the Scratch Website that allows a Scratcher to change data associated with their account. This includes their password, email, and country. The page is accessible from the user menu in the navigation bar. In Scratch 1.4, this information was editable directly from the logged-in user's profile page. No one can see the information in account settings, except for the country, which can be seen at one's profile page.


The area consists of three separate tabs, each with a different purpose.


This is the page linked to directly from the user navigation dropdown. It contains a menu with a list of 247 countries, and a button to update it. The country is shown on the user's profile page.

Account Deletion

Main article: Account Deletion

The account tab has a link at the bottom that allows the user to delete his/her account. When clicked, the user will be logged out and deletion will happen in 48 hours. If the user logs in during that time, it will cancel the deletion.


This tab allows the user to change their password when they are logged in. The old password must be given once, and the new password twice.

If the user cannot log in due to forgetting their password, they can reset it.


This tab allows the user to change the email associated with their account. The email is only used for recovering a lost password or confirming the email address. The current email is shown on the page.

The page is also used to confirm the email address.

Beta Player

Archive.png This article or section documents a feature not included in the current version of Scratch (2.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

This page used to contain a dropdown menu where scratchers could opt-in to test the beta-player or opt-out. It has been removed since Scratch switched to Flash in 2.0.

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