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The navigation bar (the blue bar) is the bar at the top of every Scratch page. It is used to easily access different common pages in the Scratch website. When one scrolls down or up on the website, the navigation bar stays in place, always being quickly accessible.

The navigation bar at the top of every page on the Scratch Website.

Left Side

The left side of the bar does not change based on whether the page is being viewed while logged in or not.

Main article: Scratch Logo

The leftmost part is the Scratch Logo, and links to the Front Page. It changes color when you hover the mouse over it.


Main article: Scripts Area

The link to the right of the logo is the Create link. Clicking on this link leads you to the Scratch 2.0 web-based Project Editor. The project editor can be accessed both when logged in and not.


Main article: Explore

The Explore link leads to the Explore page, where you can explore projects. On this page you can search for specific project or one related to the searched terms. then, the search results can be restricted to specific orders, such as "most loved" and by setting the period of time for displaying projects.


Main article: Scratch Discussion Forums

Discuss links to the main discussion page of the Scratch Forums. From there one can navigate to the different forum categories.


This link, the "Help" link, leads to the "Help" page. Within the "Help" page are guides to learning Scratch, a search bar for finding interesting projects, a link to the wiki, the Scratch 1.4 download, and more helpful links and information.


Main article: Search Bar

Search is the input tab at the top that searches for pages containing the entered words. After searching, one can restrict the search results to "All Results", "Projects", "Studios", "Users", "Support", and "Forums". The search result's links can also be ordered based on project or studio factors, such as love-its.

Right Side

Not Logged In

Join Scratch

When one is not logged in, the top-right of the navigation bar will contain a "Join Scratch" link, which leads the viewer to a page for account creation.

The right side of the navigation bar when not logged in

Sign In

When a user who is currently not logged but has an account wishes to log in, they must click on "Sign In", which pops up a username and password input to log into Scratch.

Logged In


Main article: Messages

The Messages link has the Messages 2.png icon, and it leads to your Messages page. The messages tab only appears for a user who is currently logged in.

My Stuff

Main article: My Stuff

The My Stuff link has the My Stuff Icon.png icon, and it leads to your My Stuff page. The My Stuff tab only appears for a user who is currently logged in.

User Menu

The User menu leads to the profile page of the user, as well as My Stuff and Account Settings.

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