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This eng is about the project statistic. For the row on the Front Page, see What the Community is Loving.
The love-it button.
The old love-it button.

A love-it is what a user can give a project if they enjoy it. Love-its are given by clicking the love-it button under the Online Player.

Rather than a rating system, Scratch uses love-its and favorites. Only one love-it can be given by each user, although it is possible for one person to give more than one love-it (see bottom).

The most recent projects that have the most love-its are displayed on the Front Page in the What the Community is Loving section.


Love-its are given to a project when a user likes a project. If the user likes that project very much, a favorite is sometimes given as well. People rarely give favorites without loving the project.[1]

Love-its are sometimes used so when a user gets a certain amount of love-its they will add more to their project, or make a sequel.


Prize System

While the love-it system generally works well, some people use it as "currency," and only give something if they have a love-it on a project.[2] Large amounts of love-its are sometimes given as prizes for unofficial contests. Some users also just give away "free love-its" instead of only loving what they enjoy.

Also, some people who have multiple alternate accounts can love a project one time per account; this means that one person can love a project several times with enough accounts, however this may result in an alert.

Trading Love-its

Although not as widespread as follow4follow, a smaller trend with the same concept has developed where users will trade love-its, so one user will love-it another user's projects, and vice-versa.


Some users have complained that love-its are increasing "fame".[3]

April Fools' Day

Main article: April Fools' Day
The new paw symbol. When clicked, it turned the color blue.

On the April Fools' Day of 2014, the love-it symbol was replaced with a paw. This was meant to go along with the April Fools' Day theme of LOLCATZ.

The new strawberry symbol. When clicked, it turned the color red.

On the April Fools' Day of 2015, the love-it symbol was replaced with a strawberry. This was meant to go along with the April Fools' Day theme of Edible Scratch.


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