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Operating Systems Windows and Mac OS X
Developer(s) Eric Rosenbaum
Released? Yes
Official Website
World Creation in S4SL

Scratch for Second Life (S4SL) is a modification of an internal build of Scratch 1.1 created by Eric Rosenbaum of the Scratch Team. It is designed as a script editor for controlling pets in the popular MMOG Second Life. Users can create scripts using blocks in S4SL and then copy them as code that can be executed by Second Life, known as Linden Script. It reached version 0.1 and it is no longer in development.[1]


The layout of the program is very similar to the left side of Scratch 1.1, albeit with no share button and two buttons, Paste Script and Copy Linden Script, replacing the regular content of the Sprite Header Pane. The whole right side of the program, including the Stage and Sprites, has been removed, although it is still accessible —although graphically glitched —by resizing the program window.


Because S4SL has a very different and more specific use than regular Scratch, it also has very different blocks although some are the same. Some of the blocks that have the same name have different functionality in Second Life, however.


Hat blocks

Stack blocks

C blocks


Stack blocks

  • move () meters
  • turn () degrees
  • up () meters
  • down () meters
  • roll () degrees
  • pitch () degrees
  • go home
  • set home to here
  • point toward nearest avatar
  • point toward owner
  • point in direction ()

Reporter blocks


Reporter blocks

  • distance to nearest avatar
  • distance to owner
  • number of avatars nearby


Stack blocks

Reporter blocks


Reporter blocks

Boolean blocks


Note Note: Sounds cannot be imported and must be chosen from eight built in sounds: aww, burble, clang, cricket, honk, pluck, tweedle, and upward zing.

Stack blocks


Reporter blocks

Stack blocks


Note Note: The pen blocks are only usable if your object has a "lineSegment" in its inventory.

Stack blocks

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