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Turn () Degrees
2.0 Turn () Degrees.png
Category Motion
Type Stack

The Turn () Degrees blocks are Motion blocks and Stack blocks. The blocks turn their sprite the specified amount of degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise (depending on which block is used); this changes the direction the sprite is facing.

The blocks use the 360 degrees in a circle.

Example Uses

These blocks are the easiest way to rotate a sprite, unless many costumes are used to give the illusion of rotation or the workaround is used.

Some common uses for the Turn () Degrees blocks:

  • Simple rotation

— e.g. planets and wheels

   turn cw (15) degrees
  • Animation

— e.g. a waving hand

repeat (5)
   turn cw (15) degrees
repeat (5)
   turn ccw (15) degrees
  • Vehicles that can turn
   if <key [left arrow v] pressed?> then
      turn ccw (3) degrees
   if <key [right arrow v] pressed?> then
      turn cw (3) degrees


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

The blocks can be replicated with the following code:

point in direction ((direction) + (amount))
point in direction ((direction) - (amount))

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