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One of the main points of Scratch is to allow others to view your projects, look inside them, and remix them. This guide explains how to share a project.

Only projects made in Scratch can be uploaded to the Scratch Website. Projects made in Scratch modifications can be uploaded to Mod Share, however, and some modifications provide their own sites to upload to.


Online Editor Tutorial

Note Note: You must confirm your email address in order to share.

One can share a project from either the unshared project's page or directly in the editor.

From an unshared project page, a user can click the "share" button in an orange bar above the project, as shown: Orange share bar on project page.png

In the project editor, in the top-right corner adjacent the project page button is a "Share" button which appears for an unshared project. Clicking this will share the project, opening the project page as well. Green shared bar.PNG

Offline Editor Tutorial

In the offline editor, to share a project, click "File > Share to website" then enter the details. Then wait for a message that says "Successfully uploaded to!"


A project can be edited either by clicking "see inside" from the project page, or by clicking "edit" from My Stuff.

Before you share

When you share a project, it becomes open to all of the Scratchers around the world! Make sure that it is perfected/working, or click the "draft" button before sharing it. Remove anything which is against the Community Guidelines, including personal information.

See Also

This article or section documents an outdated version of Scratch (version 2.0). For this article in Scratch 1.4, see Eng:Project Sharing (1.4).
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