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A project being played on a project page.

The Project Page is the Webpage in which a user's project is viewed on the Scratch website. If a project is unshared, only the creator can access the project page. The page consists of various elements on the sides and underneath the project's viewing area, in the top-left area of the page. The last element to load on the page is the project itself since it takes longest.

Project Viewer

The project viewer is the actual running environment screen of the project itself. It is the heart of the project page and is located at the top and left somewhat. The resolution of the project viewer is 480x360 pixels, the same as that of the stage. However, a full-screen option is available in the few buttons above the viewer. Above the top-right of the viewer is the green flag and stop sign for running and stopping the project.

See Inside

Main article: See Inside

At the top-right of the project page is a blue button with a symbol similar to the "refresh" logo and the text "See Inside". When this is clicked, the project will continue running, but the project page will be transformed into the project editor. When the project page loads, the entire project editor is actually loaded, too, but the facilities are just hidden.[1]

Instructions and Notes

The project instructions and notes and credits.
Main article: Instructions
Main article: Notes and Credits

On the right side of the project page are instructions (on top) on how to run the project. Only the creator of the project can modify the text here. Below are notes and credits accounting for various issues in a project or simply stating facts, as well as crediting those who helped with or supported the project.

Tags and Technical Information

Underneath the notes and credits are up to three tags of the project. Tags are words that describe the project very briefly. Underneath the tags are the date the project was released and the date it was last modified. To the left of both of those is the creative commons license logo, which all Scratch projects on the website are shared under.

Project Statistics

Main article: Project Statistics

The project statistics are various stats on a project, such as views, love-its, and more. At its rightmost area is the remix tree button which opens up a new Webpage displaying the chains of remixing done on that particular project.


Main article: Comments

Extending far downward the page (if necessary) are the comments on a project. People comment on others' projects to praise their work, create suggestions, and sometimes contact them publically (such as for a collaboration discussion. The commenting board can consist of various users replying to one another and sometimes posting the few possible images of the Scratch Cat, Gobo, and waffles for humorous purposes.

Remixes and Studios

At the right-hand side of the page are images with links to remixes of the project and studios that contain it. To avoid making the page too tall or lengthy to load, only a limited amount are shown, but there are "View all" links to see all remixes or studios the project is associated with. At the very right of the project statistics bar is a link to the Remix Tree.


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