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This eng is about the project statistic. For the row on the Front Page with "view" in its name, see What the Community is Viewing.
The icon for views.

A view is an identification that represents when the project page of a project is opened up in one's web browser. Each time the project page of a particular project is opened by a user account that has not yet viewed the project, the view count changes by "1", resembling the number of times the page has been opened. Prior to a project's release, the view count remains at 1. The project views only start counting after the project is shared. The view count is resembled by the value adjacent to the "eye" image underneath the stage.


Prior to Scratch 2.0, views were counted by the number of times a project was viewed by a unique IP address range. Changing this reduced the emphasis on views, since they are meaningless if a user can get an arbitrary number of views by himself or herself. However, now one can not know how many different devices have viewed a project's page.


On June 4, 2014, the Scratch Team changed how views were stored. This caused a glitch which made project views reset to 0. After a couple of days, however, the scratch team changed the website to use the new view count storage, and view counts restored to normal.[1]

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