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Scratch has many languages available. Why shouldn't the Scratch Wiki?

Scratch Wikis are free and collaboratively-written. They provide information about the Scratch programming language and the website, history, and phenomena surrounding it. They continue to grow as Scratchers use them as their primary source of information - and they are getting more and more international! We launched the German-speaking (DACH) Wiki in 2012. We followed up with an Indonesian, a Russian, and a Japanese Wiki, which we’re supporting actively. All of us are connected through Interwiki. And we can support you in creating your own wiki!

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This Wiki has has multiple Homepages because it's for creating new Wikis. A Scratch Wiki Home for each language and a About/Test Scratch Wiki Home for each languages community creating that Wiki. See the FAQ for more information.

Why do we want to launch more wikis?

  • people transfer their experience to new generations of Scratchers
  • communities of certain languages are built up and connected to each other
  • people learn better using their native language
  • people learn how to use wikis as a powerful way to share knowledge worldwide
  • connected knowledge-platforms for students, parents, teachers and scientists make visual programming, and so programming itself, more popular

How we will help you to create a Scratch Wiki in your language

The subject of this article or section has changed dramatically and requires updating. Please keep in mind that some of the information or images may not be accurate or relevant to the current version of Scratch, the Scratch website, or the article subject.


  • You are a team of 4+ people experienced with Scratch (and have decided which one will be the responsible admin)
  • All of you are fluent in the language of your Wiki
  • You are all registered and successfully created the first pages of your wiki on the Test Wiki (for the conditions for getting an account here on the test wiki, check Scratch Wiki:Become a Contributor)


  • A sub-domain on "" (see Test-Scratch-Wiki:Subdomains to find out which subdomain will be used for your language)
  • Hosting
  • Support with Media Wiki and Interwiki

Interested in cooperating?

If you are interested in cooperating and agree to our conditions, please register at the Test Wiki!

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