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If Scratch does not have a wiki in your language and you would like to create one, you must first create a set of pages here to demonstrate that you have the user and article base necessary. If you have read How-To-Scratch-Wiki, simply request an account to start creating articles in your own language.

Request Notes

To join the Test Wiki, you need to have the "Scratcher" status (exceptions can be made if we know you, for example through a Scratch Conference). In your application, please tell us which language you plan to write in. We'll need to be able to verify that you are fluent in that language. If it is not obvious (from your Scratch Profile page) please provide us with links.

Being an Admin/ EW

Please do not ask to become an Admin or an EW. Our only Admins in the Test Wiki are

We do not give admin or EW-rights to any other user for reasons of security. We also don't feel like we need more admins since those listed are very active.

As for the final Test-Scratch-Wiki:Real_Scratch_Wikis of your language: As soon as the final Wiki in a language is created, one admin (who is a native speaker of that language) will be elected by the authors of that Wiki.

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