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Amount of activity: High amount of topics and a high amount of replies.
Types of users who can post: All users can create and reply to topics.
Brief description: "Discuss ideas for making improvements to Scratch."

Öneriler forumu Scratch'çilerin Scratch'in yeni versiyonu, websitesi,forumları ve Scratch'in genelindeki herşey hakkında yenilik önerebildiği Scratch Forumları'ndaki bir forumdur.

Forumun İçerdiği

Çoğu forumun aksine, Öneriler forumu sadece bir tür konu önerisi — içerir.

Most suggestions fall under these categories:

  • Improvements to the next version of Scratch (e.g. new blocks, a pause button, more tools in the Paint Editor)
  • Improvements to the Scratch Website (e.g. seeing the comment that replied to you, changing how the "What the Community is _________" rows work)
  • Improvements to the Scratch Forums (e.g. changing the forum color, adding more forums, ideas for improving the Sixty-Second Rule)

Scratch Suggestions

In the 1.4 forums, a sticky was made in the Suggestions forum introducing Scratch Suggestions, a place where Scratchers could create suggestions and vote for others. Scratch Suggestions closed soon after the release of Scratch 2.0 for an unknown reason.


Even though the Suggestions forum only contains one type of topic, it has a large amount of activity — many Scratchers are eager to help improve Scratch with their ideas.


Some Scratchers wish for the Suggestions forum to be removed because most suggestions aren't accepted by the Scratch Team despite the number of supporters.[1]

Example Posts

Example Request

A suggestion in the forum might look like this:

Hello! I would like to suggest to the Scratch Team to add a block like

(current language)

that senses the language the user is using.

it would be really useful for

if <(current language) = [French]> then
say [bonjour]
say [hello]


Example Response

Here is an example of what a Scratcher might respond to a suggestion like the one above:

Hi! This is a neat idea, and I have actually needed a block like this! Support! A Scratcher who didn't support might say: No support. When would it be useful? When making a new topic, please explain clearly the functions of your suggestion. If you don't support the suggestion, an explanation of why not would be helpful.

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