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(list :: list)
类别 清单类积木
形状 椭圆形积木
加入于 1.3

The () 积木 is a 清单类积木 and a 椭圆形积木. The block simply reports the items of its 清单 as a 字串.

Whenever a list is created, a version of the block appears with the list's name on it; this results in a version of this block for every list.

This block can be displayed as a 舞台监控视窗.

A space is put between each item when it is called. If the length of all of the 项目s in a list is equal to 1, no space is put between the items.


The List reporter block is used infrequently; most information needed can be accessed by using other reporters for the list. However, here are a couple uses for this block.

Some common uses for the () block:

  • Join separate characters/words together
說出 (sentence :: list)
  • Setting a 变量 to the value of this block so that a list local to a sprite can be transferred
變數 [unlock v] 設為 (list :: list)


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block can be replicated with the following code:

變數 [count v] 設為 [0]
變數 [all are 1 v] 設為 [true]
重複直到 <<(all are 1) = [false]> 或 <(count) > (清單 [list v] 的項目數 :: list)>> 
  變數 [count v] 改變 (1)
  如果 <(字串長度\( (清單第 (count) 項項目\( [list v] \) :: list) \))) > [1]> 那麼 
    變數 [all are 1 v] 設為 [false]
如果 <(all are 1) = [true]> 那麼 
  變數 [report v] 設為 []
  變數 [count v] 設為 [0]
  重複 (清單 [list v] 的項目數 :: list) 次 
    變數 [count v] 改變 (1)
    變數 [report v] 設為 (字串組合 (report) 和 (清單第 (count) 項項目\( [list v] \) :: list))
  變數 [report v] 設為 (清單第 (1 v) 項項目\( [list v] \) :: list)
  變數 [count v] 設為 [1]
  重複 ((清單 [list v] 的項目數 :: list) - (1)) 次 
    變數 [count v] 改變 (1)
    變數 [report v] 設為 (字串組合 (report) 和 (字串組合 [] 和 (清單第 (count) 項項目\( [list v] \) :: list)))


Due to the nature of the Scratch interface, it was possible to create an input on a List block by entering %m, %n, or %s. This was fixed in v423 or later.

It is possible to rename variables, but it's not possible to rename lists.

%m, %n, or %s will create the correspond-
ding input in the () block.


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