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Below is a list of misconceptions about Scratch. Often, people misunderstand a concept of Scratch or interpret the function of something incorrectly. The following misconceptions are placed in order by perspective of the truth.

Scratch Program

The Scratch program has multiple misconceptions on scripting and other features. These misconceptions are found among the Scratch program.


  • The if () then block does not repeatedly check a condition. If it did, it wouldn't have a bump on the bottom. In order for it to repeatedly check a condition, it must be within a forever or appropriate loop, as in the following script:[1]
when gf clicked
if <condition> then
. . .
  • Boolean sensors passed into custom blocks cannot update the parameter's value while the custom block is running. Boolean sensors only pass in true or false.[2]
  • The Tempo blocks only change the duration of notes, though some people misunderstand and think that it affects imported sound.[3]


  • It is common to do the following as an alternative to the timer:
when gf clicked
set [timer v] to [0]
wait (1) secs
change [timer v] by (1)

It appears to be accurate to the actual change of time, but after each block is a very minuscule wait. Therefore, after the blocks waits the specified amount of seconds, there is another wait, although less than a millisecond, before the timer changes. In a short period of time, the change isn't too drastic, but if the variable timer continues this loop for a long period of time, the ratio of difference compared to the actual (timer) will be visible; just over 7% off by 100 seconds, and 62.3% off by 600 seconds.[4]

User Interface


Many Scratchers tend to believe that Scratch is specifically designed for making games. This is false. Although games can be made in Scratch, a large variety of project types are creatable including art, animations, and stories. There can even be an unnamed, unique project type. Rather than one stating that "Scratch is used to make games", it would be more accurate to state "Scratch is used to design web-based projects".[2]


Scratch 1.x Bugs

Disappearing Text Bug
  • The Disappearing Text Bug was not introduced in Scratch 1.3. It was first documented in 1.3, but it was also reported by users using older versions (e.g. Scratch 1.0.1), thereby falsifying this myth.[citation needed]
  • The Disappearing Text Bug does not always occur when the Squeak memory runs low. This was based on a survey on 20 people who have experienced the bug. A closer look reveals that the reported appearance of the bug with certain events reveals that 80% of the reported arrivals of the bug with other events were most likely coincidences.
    The Disappearing Text Bug in action.
    [citation needed]
Other Bugs

Scratch 2.0 Bugs


Scratch Website

This is for misconceptions about the website.

Main site

  • The old 1.4 and 2.0 beta site are no longer accessible, the former of which was deleted and the latter was updated to become the current Website.
  • Weekend was not the first project to be created. However, it is the oldest existing project.


  • The old 1.4 forum can still be previewed, as can other parts of the site. However, the previewer cannot jump between threads. (See the first misconception in the above list.)
  • The Report button is not only useful for reporting inappropriate material. It has other uses, too. For instance, moving forum topics when they are not in the right one is done by reporting.
  • Deleted posts and threads wind up in the Dustbin, rather than being literally deleted. This one is common among people unfamiliar with what Community Moderators and Scratch Team members do on Scratch.

Scratch FAQ

Project Player

Other places on the site



Main article: Kaj#Misconceptions, Impersonations, and Conspiracies

  • It is unknown whether Kaj was female, as is commonly portrayed, though one contact with the Scratch Team used male terms.
  • Kaj did not hack or steal any accounts, as is commonly alleged.


  • Many people thought gobo was a regular user, fake/joke account, or was controlled by "Gobo", but it is actually real and controlled by the Scratch Team, despite the rank saying "Scratcher".[5]


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