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A Manager is the second highest rank in a Studio. The highest is the Owner of the studio. Managers have special permissions which curators don't have access to. curators can be promoted to Manager.


Managers can:

How to Become a Manager in a Studio

Main article: How do I promote someone to manager?

Any manager can promote curators to manager in a studio by hovering over their username in the curators tab, and clicking "promote". When creating a studio, one is automatically promoted to manager. Scratch Team members can also promote themselves to manager. [citation needed] There is no way to directly make someone a manager.

Warning Warning: Make sure that you trust anyone you are promoting to manager. See section below for more details.


Commonly in studios with many managers, such as Add Everything studios, a disgruntled manager may decide to damage or vandalize the studio by removing tons of projects, removing curators, changing the title, description, or thumbnail, and many more ways. This can lead to big issues which require time-consuming fix up. A manager who vandalizes a studio may receive an alert or ban. The only way to avoid damage to a studio is to only promote users you trust.

Studio Owners

The owner of the studio is the user who created it. The only way to tell an owner from a manager, is to look in the curators tab, where the owner will be the first manager listed. The owner of the studio has the same capabilities as managers do, with two differences: owners can't be removed from the studio and owners have the ability to delete the studio via their My Stuff page.

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