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"Wait" redirects here. For the other Control block with "wait" in its name, see Wait Until () (block).
等待 () 秒
等待 () 秒
类别 控制类积木
加入於 0.1

The Wait () Secs 积木 is a 控制类积木 and a 条形积木. The block pauses its 程式 for the specified amount of seconds — the wait can also be a decimal number.

This block is the most commonly used blocks [factually inaccurate?]; it is used whenever a sprite must wait for another action.


This block creates a pause whenever needed — as there are many situations where this is need, the block is used in many 专案. Some common uses:

  • Timers
  等待 (60) 秒
重複 (10) 次 
  等待 (0.05) 秒
等待 (300) 秒
廣播訊息 [Morning v]
當 @greenflag 被點擊
變數 [var v] 設為 [0]
等待 (0) 秒
變數 [var v] 改變 (1)
  • In the Flash Player, allowing the page to refresh so sprites can sense objects made by the pen.
定位到 x: (-50) y: (0)
等待 (0) 秒
重複直到 <碰到顏色 [#000000] ?> 
  x 改變 (1)
  等待 (0) 秒


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block can be replicated using any of the following scripts:

Using the Timer

等待直到 <<(計時器) < (value)> 不成立>

However, if the project resets the timer for other purposes, a different workaround should be used.

變數 [variable v] 設為 (計時器)
等待直到 <<((計時器) - (variable)) < (wait duration)> 不成立>

The workaround uses the timer as a base instead of a player-made clock because the timer is more accurate; player-made clocks lag from the time it takes to change the clock variable.

===Using Glide () Secs to X: () Y: ()===

滑行 (wait duration) 秒到 x: (x 座標) y: (y 座標)

This workaround will muddle whatever movement the sprite is performing at the time, so it is best to keep the workaround to immobile sprites.

===Using Say () for () Secs or Think () for () Secs===

說出 [ ] (wait duration) 秒
想著 [ ] (wait duration) 秒

These two workarounds will ruin any thoughts or sayings that the sprite has at the time, so they should only be used on sprites that do not think or talk.

===Using Rest for () Beats===

演奏休息 <((演奏速度) / (60)) * (wait duration)> 拍

===Using Play Sound () Until Done===

Note Note: This is assuming that the sound is exactly the wanted length.
播放音效 [silent sound v] 到底
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