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A studio.

A studio is a place where users can put multiple projects into an accessible group. Prior to Scratch 2.0, they were called galleries, and had some different features. Most studios have a specific theme of projects


The button to create a new studio.

A studio can be created by going to My Stuff and clicking "+ New Studio". A new studio will be created, with all of the default settings: name is "Untitled Studio"; 0 projects, comments, followers, and a default thumbnail; a blank description; and the creator as the only manager. After this, these settings can be changed.


The creator of the studio can edit it in many ways, and other users can make changes as well. The creator can add or remove curators, promote curators as managers, add or remove projects, choose the way projects are sorted, and change the description, thumbnail, and title. Everyone can comment on or follow the studio. Curators can also add or remove projects (but not the one that was submitted/added by other curators, managers, or owners). The managers can do everything the creator can do except enable or disable comments and delete the studio. Regular curators cannot do this.


A studio without an icon.
A studio's thumbnail.

You can change the studio image by pressing change picture at the top left corner of the current image and then selecting the image you want from your files. Scratch will automatically resize the picture so it will fit in the thumbnail.

You can also change a studio's thumbnail to a .gif file, which is an animated picture. Unlike animated project thumbnails, animated studio thumbnails do not make the front page lag, since they do not use a user-generated hack.

The default thumbnail would be a gray silhouette of Scratch Cat's head in a gray circle with a gray background, if no projects were in the studio, otherwise the thumbnail of the most recent project added. Before 2.0, the default thumbnail was a cube resembling the Rubik's Cube. The creator and managers have rights to edit\change the logo


Main article: Curator (studio)
A list of curators in a studio.
The invitation to become a curator of a studio on the curators tab of a studio that you were invited to become a curator of.
When you become a curator of a studio.

Studios trump over galleries with the curators feature. This lets the creator decide exactly who can add and remove projects. The creator can invite people from who they are following, and who are following them, or by adding them by their username. Curators do not have all of the permissions that managers have, but they can still add and remove projects that they add themselves. The creator or a manager of the studio can delete curators or other managers by clicking the x in the top right corner of the user in the curators tab. Managers cannot delete the creator of the studio, however. If a curator wishes to leave, they can go to "Curators", scroll down, find their profile, and simply click the "x" shown, when hovering their cursor over their name. Galleries did have a "some of my friends" feature, however this meant that you had to friend the users who you wanted to curate. In Scratch 2.0, friending is renamed to Following.


Main article: Manager
The button to promote a curator to a manager.

Managers have greater permissions in studio capabilities. They can add or remove any project in the studio and can even remove other curators or managers. They are also able to edit the title, notes or icon of a studio and choose the way projects in the studio are sorted. Managers can also invite curators to the studio. To promote a curator to a manager, hover over their username and click the "Promote" button that appears. This can only be undone by removing the manager from the studio and then reinviting them. The creator of the studio is the "original manager" (also referred to as owner) and cannot be removed. They have the most control over the activity. It is recommended that you should only invite and promote curators that you trust [1] to avoid blatant damage (such as removing projects, changing info and title, and demoting managers, or deleting other managers) to the studio.

Adding Projects

There are two ways to add projects to a studio. One method allows multiple projects to a single studio; the other allows multiple studios for a single project.

You are allowed to add as many projects as you like to a studio if the owner lets you, or if you are the owner.

From a Studio

The "Add projects" bar, open to My Favorites.

When a user is a studio curator, they can add projects by clicking the add projects button, or the bar on the bottom. Both open the bar. It can show My Shared Projects, My Favorites, and My Recent Views. To add a project, click its thumbnail.

Clicking the link below it will open the project. Projects can also be added by URL. To do this copy (ctrl + c) the link of the project in the search bar, then paste it (ctrl + v) in the bar beside the button that says "Add by URL", then click the button.

From a Project

The add to studio section.

From a project, one can click "Studios", which will open a section allowing them to add the project to studios that they curate. It lists the studios, showing their names. Clicking adds it to the studio.

Removing Projects

The button on the project page to access all studios the project is in and to add/remove it to the listed studios.

If one is an owner or manager of a studio, they have the privileges to remove any project in the studio. Curators that are not a manager or owner can only remove projects they add themselves. Even if one is not curating for a studio, they may still remove their own projects from others' studios.

Removing One's Own Project

Removing a project from someone else's studio.

To remove one's own project from their own or someone else's studio, on the project statistics row, access the "Studios" tab. When clicked, a drop-down menu will appear consisting of all the studios the project is associated with. On the right-hand side of the drop-down menu are check marks: green ones mean the project is in the corresponding studio, and grey checks mean the project has not yet been added to that studio. Grey check marks will only appear next to studios one curates, because otherwise almost all studios on the website would have to be listed. To remove the project from the desired studio, click the green check mark next to the corresponding studio; the check mark will then turn grey, signifying it has been removed.

Display in Projects

Underneath the right-hand side of a project it displays which studios it features in and it shows the amount of studios that it is in in brackets. If there are remixes of the project it will be displayed underneath the remixes.

The studio display underneath the remixes

Differences from Galleries

Possibly the biggest difference from galleries is the curator feature, which allows the owner or other curators to invite curators. There are also numerous small differences, such as splitting into tabs, and no tags.

The name was changed because galleries were being used for many things other than simply showing projects. Examples include collaborations and RPGs. The Scratch Team decided a more general name would be better.[2]

Places to Find Studios

Studios can be found all over the website. There are two Front Page sections: Featured Studios, and Projects in Studios I'm Following. Profile pages also list studios the user curates in the fourth row from the top, and studios the user follows in the third. If a project belongs to a studio, the studio name will show up in the studios tab, which is located right under the remixes tab.

Types of Studios

Add Everything Studios

Main article: Add Everything Studios

Add Everything, or AE studios are studios where anyone can add any projects. These studios are disliked, but cannot be reported as they do not break any rules.[3] However, they are marked as Not For Everyone, meaning they cannot show up in search results and cannot be on the front page.[4]

Along with AE studios, you can also find Anti-AE studios, which protest AE studios, usually by containing no projects.

Themed Studios

Themed studios, also called "clubs", have themes, such as only games about space can be added to the studio. They also usually have several curators and managers. When users add irrelevant projects, they usually get removed as curator.

Scratch Design Studios

Scratch Design Studios, or SDSes, are studios created by the Scratch Team, and seen on the front page. These have themes that change around every month, such as Create Your Own Planet, One-Script-One-Sprite, etc.

Hour of Code Studios

Hour of Code Studios are created every December and go from December 7 - December 13. For more info on the Hour of Code, see here.

RPGs Studios

Main article: Role-Playing Game

Series Studios

Many Scratchers create studios to house their projects in a specific series, for example, all animations in one series.

Announcement Studios

Studios may be created if an event happens, such as someone quits or a rumor is debunked.

Specific Studios

Many studios are dedicated to a certain topic. For example there are vector only Studios or studios based on a meme. For example there is a meme on here or a Vector-only one here. Studios like these fluctuate in popularity as their subjects become popular or unpopular. Most of these studios are fandom related, such as [♥ Undertale].

Some Scratchers may wish to make this sort of studio. It is best to respect this choice and not contribute any unrelated projects to the studio unless allowed by the creator.

"Save (username)" Studios

Sometimes, Scratchers may create a studio asking for others to support the targeted user (including themselves), if a user they like is banned or they think they are close to getting banned. These studios are discouraged, as they might cause gossip.

Invite everyone

Some studios may be created with a certain goal such as 1,000 managers. The studios may be very large. Typically, the creator will invite all their followers and new members will invite their followers as well.

Following a Studio

Following a studio will make it appear on your profile page in the "Studios I'm Following" box. To do this you simply select the studio you wish to follow and click the "follow" button. You will also get notifications if something happens.

Deleting a Studio

The link to delete a studio.

To delete a studio, go to your My Stuff page (make sure that you're logged in, or it won't appear). Select the Studios tab and search the studio that you want to delete. When you find it, click "Delete" next to the studio. However, you can delete only your own studios.


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This article or section documents an outdated version of Scratch (version 2.0). For this article in Scratch 1.4, see Gallery.
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