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演奏速度设为 () bpm
演奏速度設為 (60) bpm
类别 音效类积木
形狀 条形积木
加入於 1.2

The Set Tempo to () bpm 积木 is a 音效类积木 and a 条形积木. The block sets the Scratch 专案的 tempo, or speed, to the specified amount, using the unit "bpm", or "beats per minute".


As this block changes the tempo, it is mainly used to speed up and slow down the 演奏节拍 () () 拍 block and the 演奏音阶 () () 拍 block.

Some common uses for the Set Tempo to () bpm block:

  • Changing the speed of songs made with the 音效类积木
  • A music mixer
  • In a 专案, using a record player and setting the speed of the needle

If one wants a beat to be equal to 1 second or relative to one second (as in previous play drum and play note blocks) they can set the bpm to 60.


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This block can be replicated with the following code:

演奏速度改變 ((amount) - (演奏速度))