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音量改变 ()
音量改變 (-10)
类别 音效类积木
形狀 条形积木
加入於 1.2

The Change Volume by () 积木 is a 音效类积木 and a 条形积木. The block changes the 音量 of a 角色 by the specified amount. This only affects the sprite (or the 舞台) that the block is in.


As this block changes a sprite's volume, it is widely used in 专案 that let you change the project's volume.

Some common uses for the Change Volume by () block:

  • Volume controls
音量改變 (-10)
  • As a sprite gets further away from the viewer, their noises are quieter
尺寸改變 (-25)
音量改變 (-25)
  • Songs made with the 音效类积木 that have loud and quiet parts
演奏音階 (60 v) (1) 拍
音量設為 (50) %
演奏音階 (60 v) (1) 拍
音量改變 (25)
演奏音階 (60 v) (1) 拍
音量改變 (25)
演奏音階 (60 v) (1) 拍


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This block can be replicated with the following code:

音量設為 ((音量) + (amount)) %