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  • Giga 按钮会让用户从角色范例库选择一个角色。
  • 毛笔按钮会创建一个空白的角色。
  • 文件夹按钮会让用户从电脑上在一个角色。
  • 相机按钮会让用户使用电脑的相机跑照,然后用那个相片做角色。




The look of a sprite can also be changed by using 造型. The current costume of a sprite can be changed by clicking on the 「造型」页签 and clicking on the desired costume of choice, or by using blocks to select the sprite's costume. New 造型 for the sprite can be imported, created, and edited in the Scratch 绘图编辑器.


Sprites (with all of their 程式, 造型, and 音效) can be exported, and then imported into another project if desired. This is achieved by right-clicking on a sprite's thumbnail in the 角色面板 and then selecting "save to local file" in the pop-up menu. A sprite can also be dragged into the 背包 and dragged out into another project for transporting. However, this will not save the sprite to one's computer.

Sprite Pack

A sprite pack is a type of project, usually consisting of 10-30 sprites. However, there is no set limit of sprites for sprite packs. A sprite pack usually has a theme, but does not require one. Example themes include cars, dogs, dinosaurs, etc. Ideally, a user should give credit if they use a sprite from someone else's sprite pack, animation, game, or any other project. A sprite pack may also be called a sprite collection, but they are the same type of thing. Sprite Packs can also be found on other websites, but they must be ripped from a sprite sheet.

Changing the Default Sprite

Main article: How to Change the Default Sprite

By default, creating a new project will provide a sprite with an image of the Scratch 喵咪 without any 程式. This can only be changed in Scratch 1.4 by creating your own sprite, exporting it under the name default.sprite, and placing it in the 造型 folder.

In Squeak

In Squeak, it is an instance of ScriptableSpriteMorph. It is a child of ScriptableScratchMorph, just like the 舞台.

Random Sprite Button

Main article: Random Sprite Button

The Random Sprite Button was a feature which existed within the Scratch Editor, which allowed Scratchers to get a random sprite upon clicking the button. It was removed in Scratch 2.0.