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Default Values are the default arguments values in blocks when shown in the block palette. Every block with an insert has default values, even if they are blank.

If a reporter block is put into an insert and taken out of it again, however, it will revert to 10 in a number insert and a blank string in a string insert.

The default value of a block is generally a common value that most people will not have to change. For example, the change () by () block has a default value of 1. This way it functions as a score keeper, timer, or counter. They can also serve to show how the block functions. For example, the Join block has the default values "hello " and "world". When a user sets a variable to the block to see the output, he or she sees "hello world", which explains the function of the block (concatenation) instantly.

A boolean insert's default value is "false", even though they do not show their value. This can be tested by simply running this script (notice the empty Boolean insert, where we make the block use the default value):

when gf clicked
if <> then
say [True]
say [False] //The sprite would say this. Try it!

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